How is LALIA BERLIN different from other schools?

Most language schools basically offer grammar survey classes.

The LALIA-method, however - strongly committed to the well-established and researched communicative approach - deems the over-emphasis on grammar in foreign language acquisition ineffective.

If you have already started learning and are familiar with the frustrating feeling of having spent so much time and energy, yet still lacking the confidence to speak, you know what we are talking about.

No doubt, grammar is part of every language. Nevertheless, your main goal is not to learn grammar. What you actually want is to communicate.

You want to be able to talk to people, express yourself and understand them. The idea that you have to perfectly master the grammar of that language first, we argue, is misleading and unproductive. Instead, LALIA prioritises spontaneous, genuine communication. Lexical knowledge and grammar support and facilitate this communication with other people, not the other way around. Our learning program reflects this prioritization.

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Here is what our students say:

"I've been learning German through the LALIA school for three months now, and in this time my German and confidence in using my German has skyrocketed. I've lived in Berlin for a few years and had always been nervous about making a serious attempt at learning the language - it has never been something I found easy. But I wish I had signed up for LALIA sooner."

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